Red Stops But Green Goes - A Zankie Fic, pt. 2


A jury house fic.

Part 1 can be found here.

The fic can also be found on AO3 now if that’s easier for you, here.

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i made some zach rance valentines day cards!!!


This was kind of prompted by a post bobthefrog107 made earlier today. It’s really short but I wanted to write it.

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here are some more zach cards

Zankie - Revelations - Part 3


Part 1

Part 2

So this part is kind of NSFW… I really don’t know what the standards are. Enjoy.

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this gif makes me wanna curl into a ball and die


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so it’s tiger rance’s bday!!! hopefully he doesn’t get into any more chocolate cake :p

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Christine’s husband has every right to be upset. In fact, he wasn’t upset enough. All I know is if I ever did what Christine did then I would be coming home to no husband at all!!! —

Miss Julie Chen DRAGGING Christine (via anybody-want-cake)


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I’m 176% sure my followers are better than yours

Yall need to realize yall might play a part in Frankie and Zach never talking again if you guys dont know your boundaries.


people trying to get frankie stans to hate frankie like


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I: Was zankie as real as it was on like [the show]…. Was it so intense?
Brittany: Yes, it was weird. It was almost like, “is Zach gonna come out o the show? Zach literally would look at him and be like… “mmm” like wow… like want him in his eyes.
I: I heard rumors and speculation that Zach said…

Zankie | Sleepless Nights - Part 5


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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it’s 4 am

what are you doing

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You will never know, just how beautiful you are to me.

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